Senin, 13 Januari 2014

Easy Way to Hack Accounts On Personal Computer Or School Computer.

Now, we will learn how to hack a computer at school or other where you status as a guest. Curiosity is definitely always there when you look at the account protected by a password, but it's curiosity will soon disappear once you learn this trick.

But remember, do not use this trick to commit a crime.

Check this out :

First, Click Start - Run - Type CMD - Hit Enter.

open the cmd

Type net user, hit Enter..

type net user

Looking for the name of the account that is protected by password..

looking for account name

Then type, for example i use the USER.. Type net user USER *

type net user User *

Change the password, type the password for the second time..

And now go to the account, and type the password..

Good Luck

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